About Us

Green Grove Supplies offers a full suite of medical and dental supplies. Please contact us today for your wholesale inquiries.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we and our strategic partners overseas have placed our focus on helping supply the United States with PPE. 

COVID-19 Update 

We and our experienced partners around the world have been working tirelessly during the COVID pandemic to secure suitable PPE for healthcare workers and everyone else in need in the United States.

During this unprecedented time, shortages have created a chaotic supply chain where normal rules do not apply. Through our leveraged relationships overseas, we are introducing vetted FDA registered overseas manufacturers to FEMA, state governments, hospitals, and companies to navigate this challenging supply chain and offer millions of PPE items.

We are helping to cut through the red tape and create a pipeline of critical supplies to everyone in need. Please feel free to reach out and ask us how we can help today.